End of the line for NEB&W?

I just read on White River Division about the dismantling of the NEB&W. Here is what I am passing on from George, originally coming from John Nehrich: The NEB&W have just gotten word that shortly, perhaps a few weeks, a professional mover is going to come in and crate up sections of the layout, along […]

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Railfanning (in the snow?) Yesterday

The snow has melted in Plattsburgh, fortunately not where I live though. A false HeritageUnits.com report led me to catch the southbound Adirondack running 10 minutes late(on time?). Just an ordinary P42DC though. Having a mechanical issue in Hudson, NY, the northbound was 2 hours and 15 minutes late in Plattsburgh. I got my tripod set […]

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Understanding Operations Coming Soon!

Here are the episodes for 2019: introduction to my layout Tuning up the layout for perfect performance setting up the layout for operation and staging yards Paperwork Running the Plattsburgh yard and local Running the Rouses Point transfer Dispatching and track warrants Finale: Full operating session Disclaimer: These videos may not be made or published, […]

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