Building “Outer-Urban” Scenery

Many of our layouts have forests, fields, and towns, but what about in-between? The outskirts of town, the suburbs, where the line is both in the city, yet still in the wild. I like to classify this type of scenery as “outer-urban” scenery. Follow along as I create this important transition scenery on my layout. […]

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Trackwork on the PARC

Yesterday, as I was driving through PARC and saw that there was trackwork near New York Ave. The machine appeared to be clearing ballast of the rail area. (Video coming soon) We chased (barely, it was moving 5 MPH) to Arizona ave, getting a better angle for photos. A lot of dust was in the […]

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Back to Burlington (again!)

I was (back) in Burlington today, and stopped in at VTR’s Burlington yard. A train was blocking the main, a cut of cars was sitting on the passing tracks, and the yard looked like I was running it! to add to the problem, the yard crew was going in for lunch. Some power sitting around. […]

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NCT Exclusive: Climb Aboard a 1949 Pensy Lounge Plus a B&M Sleeper

While in Vermont, I was given a tour of a pair of vintage passenger cars: 1949 PRR three bedroom, drawing room buffet lounge Colonial Crafts, and B&M 6-4-6 sleeper Salisbury Beach. These cars, along with the Frank Thomson, were waiting for the return leg of a Burlington-Rutland excursion. The Beach was built to sleep as many people in as possible. […]

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Back to Burlington Yard

Today I was in VT so I headed over to Burlington Yard. As we arrived, VTR’s two SD70M-2s were parked in front being repaired. GATX #2147, still lettered for Natchez Railway, was switching in the yard. I was able to witness some of the last momentum switching in the US (video coming soon). This was […]

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Back to the River Line

Last week I stopped in Catskill on the way back north to railfan. As we approached Brown Crossing Rd, I heard a defect detector come in on the scanner. We got set up and a southbound autorack came in on the siding and stopped. A rainstorm came through, but let up just in time for […]

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Railfanning the River Line

Yesterday I stopped in Catskill, NY on the CSX River Subdivision. Within a few minutes, a northbound manifest rolled in on the siding. The train was about one third boxcars, one third trash, and one third other. There was a block of about 20 flatcars… Then the DPU… And the Trash… Today I headed towards […]

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2 Amtraks in 2 days

Yesterday we just caught the northbound Adirondack at Margaret St. They were 8 minutes early in Plattsburgh!? We also swung by the CP office, but the D11 wasn’t working. Today we had some time to kill so we tried to beat the northbound to the station, running 20 minutes late. We just caught it, literally […]

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