A Day of railfanning in Plattsburgh, Part 1

Today, I went railfanning with dhfan5 and another friend.

10:20 AM: We went over to the CP office to take some pictures of CP GP20ECO #2262.

10:22 AM: Just as we were starting to take some photos, an airhorn from the mainline and some scanner chatter sent us racing to the station.

1:30 AM: We arrived at the station and got set up just in time to see CP 253 come into view.

10:40 AM: The chase is on! We jumped into the car, and chased CP 253 up Rt. 22 to CP milepost 173.32, Spellman Rd. The gates going up and the Defect Detector report on the scanner signified that we to late. The only activity was a red fox running light going southbound.

1:20 PM: after lunch at McDonalds, we headed over to the Plattsburgh Amtrak station for Amtrak #68 SB. At 1:40, the train finally came in.

Part 2, featuring Norfolk Southern, Amtrak, and a CP hi-railer, coming soon.NCT


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