A Day of Railfanning in Plattsburgh, Part 2

To read part 1, click here.

2:05 PM: We headed Back to the CP office to take some more photos of CP #2262.

2:40 PM: After getting ice cream, we started to head to the railfan parking lot. We saw a Southbound stopped on the Rt. 9 bridge, and a northbound just disappearing across it. The scanner announced “Norfolk Southern 931…Speed limit 25…”.  We got turned around, and headed back to the station. We jumped out just in time to see CP/NS 931 heading into the station.

3:10 PM: We headed to the railfan parking lot in Cliff Haven, and the train was stopped.

3:30 PM: Amtrak #69 northbound was getting later and later, so we headed to South Junction Rd.

3:45 PM: Amtrak #69 finally came through, an hour late.

4:00 PM dhfan5 heard “Cancel…51…” on the scanner and a CP truck pulled up, drove onto the tracks, put its hi-rails down and drove of towards the stopped train. No pics, but we got videos, and a video will come out soon.NCT


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