Workin’ on the Railroad

I’ve been working’ on the railroad this week, along with the gang(dhfan5, skitrain88). The signaling system got sent to the FG&W RR electrical repairs. Now that the glue has dried, here are some more pictures of the scenery on the underpass. finally got around to lighting the hardware store. Glued down the sidewalks. Glued down […]

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Flashback: The A&LC, Then and Now

The other day I found some pictures from the Plattsburgh Train Show in 2010. Then- Roosevelt William’s trucking terminal module.    Now- The John Deere Module, created in memory of Roosevelt. Then- Speeder shed at Morristown Jct. The Ski mountain hasn’t changed much. Something that wasn’t there in 2010- Tom Bradshaw’s roundhouse.

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