Back to Burlington (again!)

I was (back) in Burlington today, and stopped in at VTR’s Burlington yard. A train was blocking the main, a cut of cars was sitting on the passing tracks, and the yard looked like I was running it! to add to the problem, the yard crew was going in for lunch. Some power sitting around. […]

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NCT Exclusive: Climb Aboard a 1949 Pensy Lounge Plus a B&M Sleeper

While in Vermont, I was given a tour of a pair of vintage passenger cars: 1949 PRR three bedroom, drawing room buffet lounge Colonial Crafts, and B&M 6-4-6 sleeper Salisbury Beach. These cars, along with the Frank Thomson, were waiting for the return leg of a Burlington-Rutland excursion. The Beach was built to sleep as many people in as possible. […]

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Back to Burlington Yard

Today I was in VT so I headed over to Burlington Yard. As we arrived, VTR’s two SD70M-2s were parked in front being repaired. GATX #2147, still lettered for Natchez Railway, was switching in the yard. I was able to witness some of the last momentum switching in the US (video coming soon). This was […]

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Back to the River Line

Last week I stopped in Catskill on the way back north to railfan. As we approached Brown Crossing Rd, I heard a defect detector come in on the scanner. We got set up and a southbound autorack came in on the siding and stopped. A rainstorm came through, but let up just in time for […]

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