Some Work Done

This week I installed a light switch to control the power to a staging track. It works great, so I’ll be getting more the the other tracks. The track in Plattsburgh yard was also looking a little kinked, So I took a dremel to the turnouts (eek!) and now it is nice and smooth. The […]

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A Taste of 1978

The southbound Adirondack waits for the northbound WR-1, the “empty paper train”. The freight is using a PA, as is the Adirondack, due to Amtrak power and equipment changes. The through freights, though traditionally paper and wood products, now include intermodal. This enterprise didn’t last long, with the completion of the northway. Todays southbound Adirondack has […]

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Speeder in town

By Gideon(dhfan5) This is a speeder owned by a NARCOA (North American Railcar Operators Association) member who regularly operates it in NARCOA events. Speeders are old track maintenance and inspection vehicles. this one is a two seater manual drive Union Pacific inspection car. The inspection lights are new LED lights. These rubber guards go just above the rails to […]

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