An Adventure to Maine, Part 2: Downeaster Operations in Wells and Portland

The next stop in our railfanning adventure was a quick stop at the Wells station for northbound Downeaster #681. The train rolled in 2 minutes late. How’s that for on time, Adirondack!

P42DC #88 was on point, with NPCU (F40PH) #90213 on the rear.

You gotta love them cabbages!

The train departed and we headed out, but not before taking note of the station Covid-19 statment.

We headed to Portland, hoping to catch a Downeaster that was coming in shortly. A landing airplane caught my attention for a moment…

We arrived just in time to catch it rolling in, with P42DC #115 on point.

As the train pulled to a stop, a very interesting train consisting of heritage NPCU #406, a P42DC, and two coaches pulled across the road and coupled up to what was now the rear of the train.

Away they go, destined for lands afar…

We headed over to a gas station and then to Rigby yard, where we would find switching action aplenty… coming in part 3. –Harrison

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