Goodbye, 7303

it is my sad and solemn duty to report that D&H 7303 was scrapped recently. Some followers and friends will remember 7303 as the first locomotive I photographed after getting back into railroading. 7303 left Plattsburgh in May 2018, and was sidelined shortly after. 7303 was my only real connection to the original D&H, and […]

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Southern Pacific visits the D&H!

Yesterday, CP 528 had a very interesting trailing unit, UP 6310, an ex-Southern Pacific AC44. We first caught up to them at the Plattsburgh Station. Next stop, South Junction Road. Final location: Wickham Marsh. We waited around for 929 to come north with a pair of “Trash 9s”. Surprisingly, these is 6310’s second trip down […]

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