Railfanning NY, NJ, and PA

This past week, I had the chance to do some railfanning in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. While everything looked good in planning, due to some unfortunate circumstances, I did not get many pictures even though I saw some good trains (NS with Norfolk and Western DPU). These are some of the trains I […]

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Random Recap #72

While railfanning around Buffalo, we took a break from CSX’s Frontier Yard and took a look at NS’s Bison Yard. Finding these BNSF and NS Operation Lifesaver units was a nice surprise. – Gideon

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Random Recap #70

I had been told by a local railfan that an eastbound K train would be coming with a UP/NS duo, so we were getting ready when this eastbound caught me by surprise. Photo taken at Buffalo-Depew station in Buffalo, NY. -Gideon

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Random Recap #66

I had to climb up a small hill in the middle of winter to get this shot. This was my first time railfanning in the Buffalo area and we were looking for Frontier Yard. -Gideon 

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Speeder in town

By Gideon(dhfan5) This is a speeder owned by a NARCOA (North American Railcar Operators Association) member who regularly operates it in NARCOA events. Speeders are old track maintenance and inspection vehicles. this one is a two seater manual drive Union Pacific inspection car. The inspection lights are new LED lights. These rubber guards go just above the rails to […]

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