D&H, 200 Years

APRIL 23, 1823- The President, Managers, and Company of the Delaware & Hudson Canal Co. was incorporated. That’s right, the D&H is 200 years old today! North America’s true first railroad, a company that left a legacy that I was very fortunate to experience for several years in my childhood. I hope to finally release […]

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Goodbye, 7303

it is my sad and solemn duty to report that D&H 7303 was scrapped recently. Some followers and friends will remember 7303 as the first locomotive I photographed after getting back into railroading. 7303 left Plattsburgh in May 2018, and was sidelined shortly after. 7303 was my only real connection to the original D&H, and […]

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End of a (Symbol) Era on the D&H

Effective Monday, March 28th, 2022, Familiar train symbols such as 252 and 650 will be no more. Upon hearing the news on Friday morning, I headed down to Ausable Beach to shoot the 3rd-to-last 252. My camera didn’t want to cooperate, but I was still able to capture an image… The full symbol change list is below: […]

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