(Video) Revisiting the Lego Red Cargo Train around the Christmas Tree (Christmas Nostalgia Special)

2 thoughts on “(Video) Revisiting the Lego Red Cargo Train around the Christmas Tree (Christmas Nostalgia Special)

  1. Christmas morning, shortly after 8 a.m.
    Merry Christmas, Harrison! Thanks for another fine post! The first train set given to meI and the first of my younger brothers was, naturally from Sears Roebuck, for which one of our older relatives worked, a Marx O-27 set pulled by a metal Southern Pacific F unit in what I later learned was the Golden State livery. Always take inflation into account in comparing prices. The only things that have consistently become less significant in my lifetime in “real” terms that do so are 1) anything involving electronics and 2) full-color printing. As a college freshman I earned the minimum wage working on a dishwashing crew: 75 cents an hour. Back around 1960 we paid about twenty cents for a good loaf of bread, and one of my uncles hated to pay more than about that for a gallon of regular gasoline, which in those days almost always contained tetraethyl lead to prevent knocking. Many things we take for granted today hadn’t been invented, and the quality of some others has improved. When I first touch-typed using an electric typewriter I was astonished at how lightly I could tap its keys to make it work. I had a similar reaction when I first drove a car with an automatic transmission. Let us count our blessings.


  2. Hey, I remember buying a Lego 7722 set when I was seven. It was a great train… and I still own it (though it is in pieces)!


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